Buying and selling expired domains is a lucrative business today. In fact, if you go to domain auction sites like GoDaddy and, you’ll be startled to find the number of expired domains on auction. Expired domains are fast moving since they have established backlink profiles, and impeccable targeted traffic. However, with so many quacks in the market, some expired domains have a bad reputation. This is why you should do your due diligence before buying expired domain names. Here are tips to put into perspective before buying any expired domain name:

  • Make a point to ascertain Domain Authority and Page Authority of any expired domain 

Domain Authority (DA) is a tool that allows you to determine the power of domain name quickly. In simple terms, Domain Authority determines the percentage of people who trust your hosting website. A higher DA is an indicator that your website will rank high. Page Authority (PA), on the other hand, is how closely your website is related to your niche. So Page Authority determines how the expired domain is closely related to your site. This is why it’s prudent to ascertain the DA and PA before purchasing any expired domain to guarantee that your site will rank and the chosen expired domain will correlate with your website.

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  • Check that the expired domain is not banned from Google

Google bans websites that flout the rules every day. It would be pointless to find an expired domain with higher Domain Authority, impeccable Page Authority, and eye-catching domain name only to find that it was banned by Google. Take advantage of tools like Google Banned Checker to ascertain that the expired domain is not banned.

  • Ensure that the expired domain hasn’t been banned by Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program initiated by Google to help publishers make some money through ads. If you intend to use Google Adsense to make money on your hosting website, check that the site has not been banned from using Google Adsense. Utilize tools like Google Adsense SANDBOX and to ascertain that the expired domain isn’t banned from utilizing Google Adsense.

  • Check the history of the expired domain name

It’s good to check out the exact date the expired domain name was first registered, the website it was supporting before expiry and other details just to ensure security. Utilize tools like Internet Wayback Machine, Domain Tools, and to check the history of your expired domain name. You can also be able to see how the site the expired domain hosted looked like.