Most bloggers have questions about buying expired domains. If you also have questions about expired domains, this article is for you.

I would discuss five things you should consider before buying expired domains. After the reading this article, am sure your question would have been answered.

Before I start discussing the considerations, let’s do some introduction about expired domains.

Expired domains are domains that are not renewed. Many people don’t have money to renew their domain name or even forget to renew them.

The domain registrar gives a one-month extension to renew your domain, if your domain doesn’t get renewed during the one month extension period, then the domain would be declared as an expired domain.

The domain register will then start bidding for that expired domain, the bidding will last for seven days, and the domain will be given to the highest bidder.

During this bidding process, you can get many domains as you can.

Things you need to consider before buying expired domains

  1. Check domain authority. Before the purchase of a domain, always check for its domain authority. Make sure the domain you are thinking of buying has a domain authority of 25+. Never buy a domain that has its D.A less than 20. You can check for a domain’s D.A. by using Open Site Explorer.
  2. Check if the expired had spam. Always check if the expired domain you want to purchase had spam, if it was used for spam purposes, there is a very high tendency that it will affect you.
  3. Check domain with Google banned checker. You must make sure the expired domain is not banned by Google from search engines. If Google already bans the expired domain, there is no need buying it. If you like the domain even if it is banned, you can use Google reconsideration request and request for un-banning the domain.
  4. Check Google AdSense ban. If a domain is already Google AdSense banned, there is no use buying it. The primary purpose of an expired domain is to make money, but it can’t make money if it is already banned.
  5. Check the domain’s PageRank very carefully. Most expired domains have been able to manipulate page ranks, and you might get fooled. You can check a domain’s PageRank by using Fake PR Checker. Don’t just stop at using Fake PR Checker; also use other tools to verify.