Thousands of domains are innovated and purchased every day. This constant innovation underscores the fact that more people are building their personal brands online through blogs and websites. Domains are essential elements of any blog or website. Simply stated, no website or blog can function without a domain name. In today’s fiercely competitive market, domains are not just seen as names. They are assets in the SEO world. Domain names, more so, expired domains add value to your website building efforts and ultimately, contribute to your overall ranking on Google. This is why it’s important to choose and analyze your domain to come up with the best that will be able to take your site up a notch or two. The big question is: How do you analyze expired domain names? Well, here is a step by step process to do that with Domain Hunter Gatherer tool.

  • Go to the Domain Hunter Gatherer’s home page and click on ‘’Expired Domains Hunter’’ tab

Enter your keyword in the search keyword box. A list of domain options will appear on the screen, plus basic information such as TLD, length of the domain, whether it contains numbers or hyphens and so on

  • Start analyzing your expired domains

To begin analyzing, go straight to the ‘’Analyze Domains’’ tab and click it. Choose your controls, for example, quality metrics to check, as well as controls to start and stop the analyzer. Just use your cursor to check the necessary controls.

  • Filter your expired domains list using the ‘‘which domains to check?’’ function

Here you’ll be presented with 4 auction options: All auctions, all filtered auctions, selected auctions or favorite auctions. Choose one option depending on your preference. You can also leverage the ‘’quick filter’’ feature to filter your favorite domain name extension fast. After you’ve checked and selected everything you want, hit the ‘’start analysis’’ button. The Domain Hunter Gatherer will take it from there. As the Domain Hunter Gatherer performs the analysis, the list is updated until all required aspects of the expired domain are analyzed, including Page Rank, age, hyphens, TLDs, social links, shares, likes just to name a few.

  • Choose your favorite expired domain based on your quality metrics

When you get your favorite expired domain, go and register it and own it. You can choose to resell it at a profit or start building up your personal brand. Domain Name Hunter is an easy to use tool. All you have to do is enter your quality metrics, choose your filter options and hit the start analysis button.

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